Not everyone has a collection of bar tools or an extensive knowledge on mixing drinks, but everyone does have a phone. With this simple insight, we set out to create the 7UP Digital Bartender, a mobile experience on that turns any smartphone into a tool for mixing drinks without any hassle. The tool empowers hosts to make over 30 unique 7UP cocktails and mocktails. We worked closely with developers to create the most user-friendly experience possible and designed a look & feel that felt clean, modern and relevant to 7UP. 

★2019 People’s Choice Webby Winner “Best User Experience”

★2019 National Addy ★2019 Gold Dallas Addy



Digital Bartender Overview


:06 pre-roll video // How-to video for within the experience


We launched the 7UP Digital Bartender with the “Bartenderless” event in NYC. But instead of hiring bartenders to pour guests drinks, we gave guests all the ingredients they’d need to make their own cocktails, and the Digital Bartender to show them how.